What is the difference between medical mask, nursing mask, surgical mask and non-surgical mask?

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1. Distinguish from packaging

Generally, there are different technical standards for the three kinds of respirators, namely, disposable medical respirator (YY / t0969-2013), medical surgical mask (yy0469-2011) and medical protective mask (gb19038-2010). You can judge which type of mask the product belongs to by checking the execution standard marked on the outer package of the product. In addition, the name of each mask will be clearly written on the package.

2. Different shapes of masks:

The shapes of disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks are rectangular, including ear wearing type and bandage type. Most of the medical protective masks are duckbill shaped, which is a good distinction.

3. Different performance:

All three types of masks can filter bacteria, but they are different in water resistance and particle filtration efficiency. First of all, disposable medical masks do not have the performance requirements of waterproof and particle filtration efficiency, while medical surgical masks and medical protective masks have the requirements. Secondly, the waterproof performance of the medical surgical mask is higher than that of the medical protective mask, which can prevent the doctor from being infected by the splashes of blood and body fluid produced during the operation.

Finally, the medical protective mask must have the main functions of the surgical mask at the same time, including the bacterial filtration efficiency and the function of blocking the liquid splashes with pressure, as well as the respiratory protection function, which is to protect the respiratory safety of the wearer. Moreover, the particle filtration efficiency of medical protective mask is higher than that of medical surgical mask.

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